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Experience, Client Service, and Results

Throughout his 17 years of law practice, Drake Blackmon has handled a variety of litigation matters throughout the United States.  Prior to forming his firm in 2015, Mr. Blackmon had the privilege to work for and make partner at two of the finest law firms in the Southeast.  During that time, Mr. Blackmon learned to handle a wide range of legal matters, ranging from class actions and complex business disputes, to products liability and personal injury/wrongful death litigation.  He brings that knowledge and experience with him to his own firm, where he continues to obtain successful results for his clients; be it through motion practice, alternative dispute resolution, or trial.

Mr. Blackmon is licensed to practice in both Alabama and Georgia.   He handles a number of different cases, on both the plaintiff and defense side, including:

  • Complex Commercial litigation — In federal and state commercial litigation, he is a focused advocate who provides comprehensive support in simple and complicated disputes.
  • Insurance Disputes — If you are engaged in an insurance dispute, the firm handles both claims for individuals, as well as the defense of claims on behalf of insurance companies.
  • General Civil litigation — In all types of civil litigation, the firm develops a clear, effective strategy so that you have the best chance at securing a favorable outcome.

Regardless of your particular challenge, Mr. Blackmon strives to handle each task with the highest level of integrity and commitment to achieving its client’s objectives.  Please call if you would like to schedule a consultation.